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Premier Performative Lessons

At C4 Performing Arts, we provide the finest educational experience available for those interesting in the performative arts. We offer dance classes, music classes, and acting classes that are success-oriented and cultivate the creative spirit within our students.

Dance Classes

We offer classes on a culturally diverse array of dance forms, and our instructors take pride in spreading their multicultural knowledge. Sign up for lessons on all the following and more:

• Ballet
• Jazz
• Modern Broadway
• Hip-Hop
• Tap
• Worship Dance
• Zumba
• Latin Dance
• Ballroom Dance
• West African Dance

Music Lessons

From instrumental instruction to singing lessons, our professionals can help you excel in the musical arts. Reach out to us for lessons on any of the following:

• Voice Lessons
• Music Reading Lessons
• Opera Training
• Guitar Lessons
• R&B Training
• Classical Training
• Piano Lessons
• Percussion Lessons
Beautiful Dancers

Acting Courses

We offer both private and group lessons, while typically offering more group classes during the summer. We primarily produce plays and musicals for local churches and schools. In the winter and spring, we have large productions where our senior and junior company is invited to perform.